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Ethics and Good Practices Channel

Vaccinar has adopted ethical and social standards which ensure the credibility of the company both internally and externally. The compliance with laws, regulations and internal guidelines is part of our corporate culture and value-based management.

A space for compliance, ethics and responsibility.

Vaccinar seeks to guarantee the highest level of transparency and ethics in all activities through the implementation of policies that support the expected standards of conduct in order to promote a value-based culture of integrity.

The Code of Ethics and Good Practices and other policies require employees, suppliers, service providers and partners to comply with the laws and regulations applicable to the business and Vaccinar internal guidelines.

As part of the integrity initiative a “Complaint Form” has been created, through which the company becomes aware of the facts related to potential irregularities, unethical and inappropriate behavior in business activities – such as fraud, theft, bribery, misappropriation of funds, tax evasion and others, i.e., any attitude that goes against the ethical principles and/or violate the anti-corruption laws both at company and professional level.

Complaint Form

This communication tool ensures a safe environment which preserves the confidentiality, availability and integrity of any information that violates the Code of Ethics, policies and good practices of Vaccinar and/or the legislation in force.

The communications must be made available either on a named or anonymous basis and will be analyzed by the Ethics and Compliance Committee.

During the investigation process, the accuracy of the information reported will be verified and actions may be taken, as determined exclusively by Vaccinar.

Choose the type of complaint:

Named Anonymous